Text Machine Lab

The Text Machine Lab at UMass Lowell conducts research in machine learning applications for natural language processing, with a focus on deep learning methods. Our current projects span the following research areas:

  • computational lexical semantics, distributional analysis and machine learning techniques for representing lexical and sentence-level meaning.
  • text-based temporal reasoning, conversational agents, argument mining
  • clinical natural language processing, including information extraction, and predictive modeling using clinical patient records.
  • digital knowledge and sentiment tracking for digital humanities and social science.
  • News

    The first New England NLP Meetup NENLP Meetup was held in April 2022. Second meetup is coming soon.

    We orgnized the Clinial NLP Workshop at NAACL 2022 Clinial NLP Workshop 2022 .

    We conducted the Insights from Negative results from NLP workshop 2022 Insights from Negative results from NLP workshop at ACL 2022.

    Anna Rumshisky served as Program Chair for NAACL 2021.

    All news prior to 2019 can be found in our Archived News page.